stillages help productivity

When Optimising Productivity Matters

At General Laser we know that using stillages can significantly smooth workflows and assist in optimising productivity. Solving transport and storage issues of laser cut and fabricated parts is integral to our customer service.

Our team can adapt our delivery process to contribute to our customers’ operational performance. You can see 2 examples of our cooperation in the photo. That is just one of the ways General Laser partners with industry leaders and innovators.

Ask us about our effective logistics solutions, including the use of custom designed stillages for regular and large quantity orders.

You, like all competitive manufacturing businesses constantly look for ways of optimising productivity. Being committed to contributing to its customers’ operational performance, General Laser participates in delivering the productivity gains you want.

Customised Stillages Make A Valuable Difference

As partners of leaders and innovators we take great pride in delivering excellent customer service and in going the extra mile. So we work with our customers to solve transport and storage issues, and assist with their production workflow.

For some manufacturers, using customised stillages to sort, store and deliver laser cut or fabricated parts makes a valuable difference to their productivity.

Enjoy Productivity And Economic Gains

General Laser fits with the logistic needs of their customer to achieve a seamless process from delivery through storage to production.

Our common objective is to save valuable production time, save costs, and eliminate hassles in transport, storage and retrieval of materials.

7 ways stillages can help

  1. Maximise the use of storage and manufacturing floor space, especially where stackable stillages are appropriate.
  2. Facilitate storage and manoeuvrability of odd-shaped parts not well suited to pallets.
  3. Enable the manufacturer’s operators to quickly access parts, in the right sequence, right at the production workstation.
  4. Reduce the risk of error through easy identification and sequencing (Colour coded stillages are ideal).
  5. Support quality targets and save costs by minimising the risk of damage during transport.
  6. Reduce labour costs by cutting down non-productive time that operators would otherwise spend getting components from a holding area.
  7. Make the process of loading and unloading components easier at every transfer step. More ergonomic handling reduces Occupational Health & Safety risks (OH&S).

Developing Effective Logistics Solutions

In some cases General Laser simply uses stillages designed and provided by the customer. In other instances General Laser contributes to the design of the stillages and to their construction by supplying some of the metal components.

In both cases the operating process at General Laser can adapt to the needs of regular customers. And the crew receives specific training to ensure accurate storage and a seamless integration with the client’s own process.

Tell us about your requirements, constraints and objectives, we will work with you to implement the most viable logistics solution.