At General Laser it’s full speed ahead

Here at General Laser we are always looking for ways to make our business work more efficiently and enhance the way our business delivers our products and services to our clients.

In response to the growing demand of our business services General Laser have installed a bulk Liquid Nitrogen Storage Facility which will add great value to our business and ensure we remain efficient in producing our goods to market and deliver on production commitments made to our clients.

General Laser are committed to our valued existing client base and understand to need to stay at the forefront of manufacturing technologies, by installing a large volume nitrogen storage facility it effectively bullet proofs our business for years to come and guarantees there never to be a shortfall of nitrogen required for our laser cutting services and manufacturing process.

Thanks to our trusted nitrogen gas supplier ‘Coregas’ we can confidently and seamlessly, offer our clients a cost effective, on time and on budget laser cutting and manufacturing service, dedicated to providing all our clients with a better way to do business moving into the future.